Build a Strong Knowledge About Intimacy Through These Sexual Facts!

Build a Strong Knowledge About Intimacy Through These Sexual Facts!
August 31st, 2022
Published by -- Jessica Forbes

Explore these facts to know more about intimacy

Intimacy is a physical bonding session between you and your partner. However, as much as the modern generation talks about sex, there is lesser action in the bedroom. It leads many young men and women to have little to no knowledge about various sexual health facts. 

Therefore, this blog intends to work as a gateway to less heard sexual health facts you rarely hear of. From everyday consumption of sex pills to stress management through intimacy, learn it all here! 

ED Is More Common Than You Think

Erectile dysfunction is a very prevalent issue. However, not many men like to discuss it. For the longest time, men assumed that it mostly occured due to old age. But in modern times, many men experience ED from their mid-20s. According to studies, around 40% of Australian men suffer from ED. It is also seen as an indication of poor cardiovascular function. On the other hand, Poor blood pressure can cause ED. It weakens the blood circulation in the body, including the penile area. 

Build a Strong Knowledge About Intimacy Through These Sexual Facts!

The sexual function of a female body is less discussed than male sexual dysfunction. It is often considered a little complex topic to be understood. FSD is often termed for instances where a female body may experience pain during intimacy, lack of libido, and no orgasm. Limited women populations around the world have awareness about FSD. In Australia, every 1 in 5 women suffers from FSD. Therefore, it is a real thing and needs proper medical treatment. 

Sex Pills Are Very Common

Both male and female populations commonly consume various sex pills. It mostly treats sexual dysfunction like erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation in men. Sexual dysfunction defies the ability of a male body to obtain a healthy erection and ejaculate within a very short time after penetration. Given this, Men often consume sex pills like Kamagra Oral jelly and tablets to treat their condition. The brand also provides Sildenafil-based medication for FSD patients in the form of Femalegra and Lovegra. It helps them achieve arousal when sexually stimulated. 

Internal Health Problems Affect Your Sex Life 

If you are experiencing any sexual limitations, half of it may be because age can affect your sex drive. But in many cases, various physical and psychological conditions influence sexual health problems. Low blood pressure, heart issues, Kidney problems, and hormonal imbalance are some conditions that can cause sexual dysfunction. On the other hand, Depression, performance anxiety, sexual trauma, and relationship problems can also cause sexual health issues. This applies to both male and female bodies. 

Porn Intimacy Is Not Real 

Wanting to find pleasure with your partner during intimacy is not bad. However, while you are learning how to satisfy your partner, taking help from porn is not right. They are just professionals who may not portray reality on screen. Therefore if you wish to impress your partner with your skill, it is best to communicate. This will help you understand what your partner wants. 

The 13 Minutes Intimacy Is Super Okay 

For the longest era, the pride is in staying the longest in bed during intimacy. But does it always mean pleasure? The answer will be no. Not everyone may require an intimate session that should last long up to hours. However, many couples find that 7 to 13 minutes is the necessary duration that delivers the perfect pleasure. It is the average duration. Instead, if overdone than necessary, it can be uncomfortable. 

Period Sex Have Health Benefits 

Although many people may dislike the idea of period courtship at first, it is often taken as a fun session. Experts state that female sex drives are higher during that time of the month. Therefore, with better libido and lubrication, it makes intimacy fun. In some cases, it has been noted that it eases period cramps in the female body. 


Courtship is merely discussed in many households. Therefore, not many young adults got to have that talk. Through this blog, Kamagra 4 Australia intends to give an informative insight to young adults who may have little to no knowledge about intimacy.

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