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August 26th, 2022
Published by -- Jessica Forbes

Kamagra 4 Australia is by and for the customers. We firmly believe that we have managed to gain a market reputation because of our customers and their trust. We have been trying to satisfy our clients by providing the best quality medications on time. Our online store is solely focused on getting our customers safe medication. 

We understand that online orders for medications can be slightly doubtful. However, we promise our customers to be the best version of ourselves and give no ground for doubt. 

Kamagra 4 Australia is committed to quality and safeguarding customer information. Online fraud and information breaches are so common today that patients keep online shopping as the last option. 

See how we ought to work towards your data security-

Personally Identifiable Information

Providing you with the right medication is our responsibility, and giving us the right information is yours. We do not entertain any fabricated or fake information regarding deliveries. Once you log in to our website, it will ask you for registration with some important personal information. We ask for a limited amount of personal, transactional and health-related information. This is important to process the client’s orders and enable the visitors to operate our site. The categories of personal information we ask for are- name, email address, address, date of birth, protected health information, phone number, and prescription number if required. 

Protected Health Information

Kamagra 4 Australia wishes for the best health for our customers. We do not ask for any prescription; however, your safety is our responsibility. We ask for important health information to match the medication required. Kamagra 4 Australia recommends a doctor consultation before getting any medication. We also provide information about the medication on our website to give you an idea of what would best suit your issue. If the medication has salt or medical clashes with other medications, we would surely ask for your medical history. 

Financial and Transactional Information

Kamagra 4 Australia asks for necessary financial and transaction information to complete the payment process smoothly. We do not ask for your card details or convince you to join any contest. If you get any message, call or email in our name, directly contact our team. Kamagra 4 Australia takes no responsibility for any fraud committed in our name. We advise our customers to avoid any claims or offers that seem fishy. 

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