What Would Be the Suitable Treatment for Your Erection Problem?

Treatment for Erection Problem
October 17th, 2023 10:36 am
Published by -- Jessica Forbes
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When an erection occurs the flow of blood increases into the penial area with the relaxation of muscles. Increased blood flow through the penile arteries fills the chambers inside the organ which constricts the penile veins and maintains the erection. And when any of the steps of erection gets disturbed like limited blood flow into the penile area it causes ED or erectile dysfunction in men.

There can be many reasons behind ED like physical, and psychological causes or an imbalanced life. Likewise, there are several treatments like Kegel exercises or medications like Kamagra tablets to treat ED from its roots. 

How Is ED Increasing in Young Men? 

ED is found in the 20-30 age group as well. A younger group of men are more inclined to the consumption of tobacco, alcohol, and drugs than older people. It suggests that the problem is catching more young people due to their imbalanced lifestyle and mental state. 

Some studies reveal that ED in young men can occur due to anxiety and depression. 

Let us discuss some major causes of ED in men. 

Physical Cause 

Medical conditions may also cause ED in men. They are:- 

  •  Liver or kidney issue
  • Heart disease
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Hardening of arteries

Psychological or Emotional Causes 

  • Anxious minds
  • Depression issue
  • Emotional distress due to professional, economic, or social problems
  • Relationship issue

Imbalance Lifestyle 

  • Tobacco use
  • Consumption of alcohol or drugs
  • Overeating or eating unhealthy food
  • Irregular sleep cycle

How Is the Erection Problem Diagnosed? 

Doctors may suggest several tests to confirm the problem. That can include:- 

  • CBC test (complete blood count) to check low red blood cell count 
  • Hormone profile to measure the levels of testosterone and prolactin
  • NPT (nocturnal penile tumescence) to determine erection state during sleep
  • Duplex ultrasound to see the body tissue with the use of high-frequency sound waves
  • Urinalysis to measure levels of protein and testosterone in the urine

There are various options to treat ED, which may include:- 

  • Medications such as alprostadil, Caverject, or Edex, are injected into the corpus cavernosum of the penis. 
  • The injection of medicine into the opening of the penis, the urethra. 
  • Oral medications such as Kamagra Tablets or Kamagra Oral Jelly
  • Meditation and exercise like Kegel exercises
  • Balanced lifestyle

Oral Medication: Kamagra 

Kamagra medicines are prescribed medications used to treat erectile dysfunction in men. It helps increase the flow of blood into the penis and helps get or maintain an erection.

The medication may take 30-60 minutes to work and is proven to be very effective. One can consume it with or without a meal. You can buy Kamagra online from any corner of the world.  

Precautions With Kamagra Tablets 

  • Do not consume Kamagra if you don’t have erection problems. 
  • Do not have this medicine while on other medicine like nitrates for chest pain. 
  • Avoid its consumption if you are dealing with severe health issues like heart disease, and kidney or liver problems. 
  • Avoid intake of alcohol or other drugs while Kamagra treatment. 
  • Do not take it without considering your doctor’s guidelines or supervision. 

Note that the medicine is very effective but can be associated with mild side effects.  

Side Effects of the medication

  • Headache
  • Dizziness 
  • Nausea 
  • Nose bleeding
  • Blurred vision
  • Dehydration
  • Pain in muscles
  • stomachache
  • Rash or allergy

As discussed, the side effects are temporary, and if the medicine doesn’t suit your body, then you should consult your doctor immediately. 

How to Use Kamagra Tabs? 

Consumption of Kamagra tablets should follow the guidelines of your doctor. Swallow it with water on an empty stomach or after eating. It is suggested to take it on a fixed time. 

What if You Miss the Dose of Kamagra? 

If you forget to take its dose, then take it immediately. However, if it is time for the next dose, skip the missed dose and proceed with regular consumption. Do not take the double dose.  

Healthy Lifestyle: Treatment of ED 

You can prevent the possibility of erection problems by following a healthy diet and regular exercise. 

As ED is caused due limited blood flow, you can increase the flow of blood through cardio-based exercises that can include:- 

  • Swimming
  • Cycling
  • Running

Moreover, you should avoid unhealthy fats, excess sugar and large amounts of salt. 

Wrapping Up 

As today’s generation is in the grip of mental instability and the consumption of drugs, they are more vulnerable to erection problems. There are different forms of causes behind the ED including physical, emotional, and irregular schedules. 

Treatment of the problem involves different tests and medications. And healthcare specialists recommend a safe and speedy treatment such as Kamagra. 

Kamagra medication treats erectile dysfunction from its roots. It may cause side effects, but they would be temporary. Along with the consumption of medicine, one should also focus on a healthy lifestyle.  

So, if you are dealing with erection and related issues, you can purchase Kamagra online. But do not forget to consult with your doctor or physician.  


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